W25_AL_Lesson Learned for Next Class

1. Problem Definition

Even the most successful projects have lessons from which we can learn. Whether you’re building the next wonder of the World, or renovating your house there will be lessons you can learn from your project. One of cost-effective project management tool is lesson learned. Our Kristal Class has just end, this blog is intended to bring together any insights gained during Kristal Class that can be usefully applied on next class. Continue reading


W25_YAW_Schedule Risk Analysis (2)

1.    Problem Definition.

We have conducted schedule risk analysis for one of our current project, namely the Advanced Process Control project (“Project”). One of our goals in conducting of schedule risk analysis for the Project is to obtain the schedule contingency. Both alternative tools to compute the schedule path distribution, namely PERT analysis and Monte Carlo simulation were used.

Schedule risk analysis by using PERT analysis has been explained in W24 blog posting [1]. This W25 blog posting will address schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation.

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W20_GW_ Stock’s Beta

  1. Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation

    I want to invest some of my money in the stock market. I want to know how much systematic risk of shares of PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk. relative to market risk. Am I going to invest my money in PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk. (ADHI)?

  2. Development of the Feasible Alternatives

    Beta (β) is a measure of systematic risk of a stock or portfolio relative to the market risk. Stock’s beta (β) can be calculated by using the regression technique.

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